Leaders in the making

Hello from North India. God is good and He remains to be faithful in all our lives. I hope and pray that you were able to experience His love and kindness in throughout these few weeks of 2021. As the New Year is here we as a team who minister here in North India got together and came up with a plan for this year. Our Goal is to reach more people with the love of Jesus and to faithfully server our community in any way possible. We have a small House fellowship every once a week. We get together, pray, do Bible study and worship together. The people have been coming every week faithfully for the past 3 years now. The church is growing every month. God has brought in new people in and we are in the process of developing leaders from this small house fellowship. This is a mixed crowd of people we have variety of age group. Some are Old, young, mothers, fathers and even small kids.   It is such a blessing to be a part of this group. God is raising up Leaders from this group. Our

New Year 2021

  Greetings from North India. We would like to wish you and your family a very happy new year 2021. I am sure that the Lord has been faithful to you in the previous year. I am also confident that He will continue to fulfill His promises in the coming year. As we all know that the year 2020 was all about Covid and fear in people’s lives. But we are praying for the work of God to continue this year and that nothing will stop us from reaching out to the community that we live in. God has blessed our Christian community here by letting us gather and celebrate Christmas and New Year as a church and families coming together. We had an amazing time of worship, word and fellowship over chai and snacks. This Christmas my wife and I decided to reach out the community that we live in and minister to the kids in our neighborhood. We were able to call them over to our home for Christmas and New Year. We were able to give them all small gifts and spend a day with them. Most of these kids a

God is good

  Greetings from North India. I pray and Hope that you and your family have experienced the Love and faithfulness of the father in your lives. My family has seen the faithfulness and the goodness of God during this year. As many of you know that the Lord has blessed us with the baby girl in the month of September. We have been quiet busy with taking care of her. She is such a joy to us. We see the love of God through her. This experience of being a new dad is amazing. I am beginning to understand the father’s heart for me and for all of humanity. Having a baby girl really softens my heart, it’s a feeling I can’t explain. I know this for sure, the Lord is working in my life as well as Manisha’s. Tammyma (our Mother) treated us to a good meal during thanksgiving. Although she couldn’t be with us in person she sent her love by letting us treat ourselves with a great meal. Covid is still around. The case here in the city where I live is increasing and many people that we know have

Your Grace is Enough

  Greetings to you and your family from North India. God is good and He is faithful. I hope and pray that you had a great month so far. My Wife and I have been meditating on this fact about God. He is with us in every step of the way. I know that this Covid Virus, the lockdown, the chaos and the Violence that we see all around us can weigh us down. I am also certain that we all have been affected this year by this pandemic. To be honest the fact does remain that God is good and he is faithful. The Lord has gifted us a baby girl two months ago. We are very happy and blessed to have her in our lives. I know that some of you have gone through the phase that we are in. Many long sleepless nights, constant need that the baby has and some uncertain times that really drain both our energy. Apart from all this Zemira is our Joy and she is our baby. This week the Lord reminded of a verse from (Zephaniah 3:17) The  Lord  your God is in your midst,   a mighty one who will save; he will r

Joyful Song (Zemira)

  Greetings to all from North India. God is good and He remains to be faithful to us till today. I hope and Pray that the Love of God works in and through us to reach out to the lost world. This update I write to you with Joy in my heart. Few weeks ago the Lord blessed me and my wife with a baby girl. God has been faithful in taking care of us and being with us every step of the way. In the Indian Culture, anytime a woman delivers a baby the whole family is present to help with the new born. Some of members present there are the girl’s mother and her grandma and their relatives and so on. They do this to make the Mother get enough rest and also to help her in any physical needs that she wants in helping the baby. For me and Manisha it was not the case. As we all know that the Covid situation has shook the world. We didn’t have our family’s physical help during the time of delivery but they were very supportive in praying for us and helping us in any way they could. If it were a d

Making Disciples

  Raising up Godly leaders Hello to you all from North India. God is good and He is faithful. I am sure that God has led us this far in the pandemic will continue to lead as to the end of this year. We are here in the Ministry because of the calling that God put in our hearts and also we are standing strong because of your prayer and support. This Pandemic has messed up all our plans for ministry, plans to do fun things, and plans to travel to meet friends and family… To be honest it has not been a good year so far in terms of the way the World is running. This sickness has left the world in shock and in Chaos. The good news as believers is that the Lord is our Peace and He is our constant help in times of need. Even during these hard times we were able to reach out to our local community. From the month of March we were able to give out food for those in need, able to hand out medicines for fever and cough. We were also able to counsel some people who were in need of comfort.

A second chance

Greetings from Northern part of India. I hope and pray that you and your family are doing well during this time of a Pandemic. God has been so good to us, he has been leading and guiding us to serve him even in this hard times. For the past weeks we have been seeing good fruits of our Labor in the mission field. God is touching and healing people’s hearts to come closer to him. People are open to the Lord like never before and he is opening more doors for us to go and minister to the lost. My wife and I serve God here in our local community. We have one house church that we have started by God’s Grace and some faithful brothers who helped start it with me. It has been almost more than 2 years that we have been running this church. God has been good to us and he is bringing in new people into faith… I have a big Testimony to share with you all. One morning as I got up from bed I walked over to the other room to check my phone to see if I got any messages to read. To my surprise I