God is Good

Greetings from North India...

God has been faithful and good to us. He has put food on our tables, given us shelter, friends and family around us, and the list goes on and on.

As we all know that this Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and it is sad that the world is in chaos and confusion. In the midst of all this we as followers of Christ know that God is good and is faithful no matter what we go through. His character does not change in any circumstances..

In India the lock down that lasted for almost more than 3 months and is still continuing with some restrictions lifted.. This month we were able to start our house fellowship every Wednesday. After 3 months of staying indoors and not able to meet anyone we were joyful to be meeting our church believers after so long. we have began meeting with no more than 20 people. These people live 1 min away from our house so it is easy to go and meet them or them coming over to us. We spend time once a week praying, worshiping,…

Pandemic continues

Greetings from North India...

God has been and is faithful to us as always.... even though the whole world is going under turmoil and hardship I would like to remind ourselves that God is faithful in all of His ways.. I know at times it is hard to see it but God is on the move.
In India the situation on the ground is so heartbreaking. Millions of poor people walk thousands of miles to get home to their village... Many have died on the way and many are still walking as we speak.. But there are many others who have a home but no jobs for the last 3 months so there is no source of Income and food to feed their families. This is what the pandemic has brought to the nation of India.
The Lord has blessed us with faithful brothers and sisters to work with in feeding the needy and giving them health and Hygiene lessons. For the past many weeks we have been buying, packing, and Distributing bags of rice, Dhal(Staples), soaps, masks, and medicines to the needy. We are so thankful to have peopl…

Feeding the Hungry

Greetings from North India… The one statement that comes to mind in this time of Pandemic is that “God is Good”. He truly is and I know that there is suffering in the world and people are losing their lives by the thousands. But the Truth still remains that “God is Good”. This does not change.
I have seen people being so afraid than ever before. The news on television plays a big role on putting fear into people’s hearts. I know that we as believers at this time need to rise up and look to God and His word for guidance. We also must reach out to others with the gospel and give them the hope that comes through Jesus.
In all of Christian history we can see that believers were in the front lines helping the sick in any and every epidemic or pandemic. They would bandage the wounds, feed the poor, look after the sick, and even bury the dead. This Covid-19 is again another opportunity to reach out to the community and help out in any way possible. The rules in this crisis are a bit strict…

Reaching out to others staying indoors

As we all know that the whole world is in Panic and fear all because there is an unseen Virus on the loose and the wisest people are still unsure of what to do.
This only goes to show that God is Great and He is supreme and above all else…
The leaders of the world are also not sure of what to do as this is the first time that they are seeing this pandemic in their lives…. As we all know and are practicing Social distancing there are many poor and homeless who are out there without any food or water. So we have to be grateful that we have a home and food to eat.
In India the cases of the virus are not that high as other countries but the way things are going in India there are more people dying of hunger than the virus. We see poor people on the news crying for help from the authorities. It is very heartbreaking to see these things.
We as a church need to be praying that the Lord’s will be done on the world. Although the country is under lockdown we are given this opportunity to spen…

Ministered by Kids.....

Religion that is pure and undefiled by God the father is this: to visit the widows and the orphans in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world. (James 1:27)
Greetings from North India… We hope that you had a great month and will have one in the days to come. God has been good to us. His steadfast love and His faithfulness are new every morning.
For a very long time we have been working with churches, with people of different beliefs. We teach people the truth about God and how one can put their faith in Him.
Last month we were invited to children’s home where every single child there was disabled. I have been to many homes in India were I have seen kids who have no arm or legs and to be honest this really saddens my heart.
The one thing that I notice in all these places is that there is so much joy in all these kids’ faces. They smile, laugh, dance, sing and so many other things that normal people with everything will never do.  There is something about these …

The Present Generation

Greetings from North India. God has been so faithful to us. We have seen and are continually seeing His heart for us. The Lord has been faithfully providing for us spiritually and physically.
We as a couple have had a great time with friends and family during the Christmas holidays. When we got back, we were back on schedule with the ministry that we do here.
In the month of January, I was invited to a seminar on “Ministering to the present Generation”. It was a meeting held in Kolkata. Some pastors and leaders from North India came together to be a part of this meeting.

This was by far the best meeting I have been on that taught on ministering to the youths of this generation.
In the local church today, we have FOUR generational group of people. Grandparents, Dads, young Adult, and their kids. It is indeed a joy to see the local church consist of all these groups and still worship and fellowship in harmony.
As we all know there is no such thing as a “Healthy” church. We all have i…

Time of Refreshing

Greetings from North India! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2020! We want to thank you for being with us in praying for us and supporting us. We hope and pray that you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones during this season of Christmas. We hope and pray that the year 2020 will be a year of Gods favour upon everyone of you. Our prayer is that you grow in the knowledge of God and that you would know His will and purpose in your life.

Me and my wife had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family in North India. We all know that as missionaries we have been working hard throughout the year to fulfil the calling that God has upon our lives. We also know that the only time to lay low and enjoy your time with friends and family is during the time of Christmas. Me and my wife we travelled to my wife’s hometown to celebrate Christmas and New Year where we got to enjoy fellowship, Good food,And quality time with many of ourfriends.
For the New Year we h…