Time of Refreshing

Greetings from North India! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2020! We want to thank you for being with us in praying for us and supporting us. We hope and pray that you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones during this season of Christmas. We hope and pray that the year 2020 will be a year of Gods favour upon everyone of you. Our prayer is that you grow in the knowledge of God and that you would know His will and purpose in your life.

Me and my wife had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family in North India. We all know that as missionaries we have been working hard throughout the year to fulfil the calling that God has upon our lives. We also know that the only time to lay low and enjoy your time with friends and family is during the time of Christmas. Me and my wife we travelled to my wife’s hometown to celebrate Christmas and New Year where we got to enjoy fellowship, Good food,And quality time with many of ourfriends.
For the New Year we h…

Time to be Thankful

We send you warm greetings from North India.I know that end of November has been a season of giving thanks to God for all the things that he has given us.These few weeks I have been thankful for many things God has done.
In my previous blogs I have been writing and sending prayer requests to many people for the Lord to help us in completing the Church building that we have been working on for so many months now. I am so happy to write to you that on the 14th of November 2019 we inaugurated the church building. We as church came together to celebrate and thank the Lord for all that he has done for the past years. We started building this church 2 years ago and in those tuff years we lacked finances, sometimes the work was stopped due to heavy rains, sometimes the workers wouldn’t show up for more than a week. We had so many obstacles.
Sometimes I see other churches and wonder how they could complete building within a year but the Lord reminded me that ‘In his time he makes all things beau…

House Fellowship (House Church)

Greetings from North India. God has been so faithful to us. The Lord has been leading to Disciple and teach a group of people near our Neighborhood.
Every Wednesday we meet this group of people (House Church). This fellowship was started two years ago. The great news is that this group still meet every week and are eager to learn from God’s word and fellowship with one another.
This group consists of families who were from different faiths but now they believe in Jesus and are eager to learn and grow in Christ.
At present we are teaching them the basic truths from the Bible. They are new in their faith so we are still in the basics. Some of the topics we covered so far are Prayer, worship, Giving, Lord’s supper, faith, evangelism and more. We believe that we don’t just teach but also make sure they practically apply what we learned that evening.
We are in the process of teaching them that since they are meeting to fellowship for the past two years then they could be called a church…

Medical Camp

Greetings from North India….
God has been faithful to us as always and we as a couple are learning and growing more in the knowledge of God.
We are so blessed to be working with amazing people who have a heart for the people and the great thing is that they are doctors as well.
Every Month we do a full day of Medical camp for the locality we live in. During this time, we give them basic check up and provide them with basic medicines like vitamins and iron and some others. The area we reach out to is mostly in the outskirts of the city as there are many people here who don’t even get the basic treatment needed when they are sick. Most of them don’t have money to visit the hospital and many others take Ayurvedic (homemade Medicines).These medicines are not reliable as there could be some side effects from them.
I believe that when Jesus was here on this earth his number one mission was to take up our sins on the cross and die on the cross to save us from hell. He wanted to restore th…

“TRAINING” a part of the Great Commission….

Matthew 28:18-20 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

This Command Includes: Going, making Disciples, Baptizing, and Teaching/Training…..
For the past few months the Lord has called me and my wife to follow these four things. We want to be obedient to the commands that the Lord has commanded us to do. We intentionally share the Gospel to the people we meet in shopping complex, market places, and even the nearby slums that we often go to from time to time. My wife is in the process of getting young girls to meet often to Disciple them and speak into their lives. Most of them come from a broken family with Dads that are drunkards, and violent men who take no responsibility in the…

Iron sharpens Iron

Greetings from North India. We are so in awe of God’s faithfulness, his love and grace in our lives. For the past few weeks me and my wife have seen God bringing in Godly people into our lives in the mission field that we are in.
Few Months ago, my elder brother left the city that we are in and moved to a different location that the Lord was calling him and his family to. He worked faithfully with a local church for more than 5 years alongside with me and now his whole family have gone to minister in other places in India. So, me and my wife were left with no close family members by our side. We were praying for people to come along side us to serve God together and to have fellowship and mentor us. For almost a month we were alone, felt dry and had no one to turn to.
Few weeks later the Lord bought a couple into our lives who also happen to work in the same city as us. They are elder to us and they challenge us to go after God and minister without fear. The Lord answered our prayer…

Teaching Sound Doctrine

Greetings from North India. The Lord has been faithful to us in the past weeks. This is the nature of God and we know that he will always be faithful every day.
My wife and I had the opportunity to minister to many youths in the past weeks. We attended a youth seminar with the title “Change Makers”. This meeting took place outside of the city that we live in. 100 youths from the neighboring villages came and attended this meeting.
Many of these youths do not come from Christian backgrounds, they also recently accepted Christ, they may be the only one who believe in Christ from their family. So, such are people that came to this meeting.
Because they are new in their faith, they may be led by false doctrine or superstitious beliefs. What is sad is that some pastors from the city go into these remote, unreached places and share false doctrine. From the very beginning the new believers are confused.
“Change makers” was basically planned to invite the youths from remote villages and to teach …